Looking back at 2021
Tuesday February 8th, 2022

One more year just passed, and we gladly welcomed 2022 by reviewing 2021 achievements. Even though we were affected by the world pandemic, we continued to stay strong and push our limits. We are very thankful to all our teams for their hard work throughout the year.

The highlight of the event – Employee of the Year 2021 Award. This time we congratulated Edvinas Lupeika, the Head of Sales & Business Development. Thank you, Edvinas, for all your efforts and we hope you will continue to strive for the best results.

A brief review on 2021:

  • Major product updates and new releases

  • 2388 shipped orders

  • 2785 completed project calculations

  • S+ series and W1 modules – UL certified

  • New partnerships in South Africa and Italy

  • TRINITY project winners

  • Development of the company‘s strategy for 2022