Behind the quality: housing materials
Tuesday June 18th, 2019

Let’s say you are choosing LED module with a quality LED chip. But what about other materials the product is made of?

Let‘s remember that heat is the killer of the LED and it must be well-controlled for products to last long. But what if the LED module producer is investing in LED chip and saving on housing by using non-durable and non-conductive material for that? In this case the heat might not go away, housing might crack and the product lifetime will be shorter. When people say they use a well-known brand it might be so that they actually use a low-price range module with a doubtful quality and a borrowed name. In these cases only the chip inside is branded, but not the product itself. So where to pay attention to?

Look into the plastics – cheap brands usually use hard ABS plastic which is less resistant to weather conditions, especially UV rays and temperature differences. That is why after some amount of temperature cycles it cracks, and you probably know what happens when the water comes inside through these cracks. TPE plastic is more flexible and more durable. Thus, keep it in mind to ask for housing material when choosing a product to illuminate your business.