Behind the quality: optics + angle vs light distribution
Tuesday September 10th, 2019

Optics are one of the most important parts in the module that transforms the light into effect we need. Nowadays many LED brands have optics but it often happens that these so-called optics work halfway or do not work at all. Why is that?

Some brands, quite often the cheaper ones, look for inspiration in the market and tend to copy the designs of the quality products. The problem is that they usually copy only the looks but not the functionality. Thus, optics that should offer a more uniform light at the right angle, become more a design element than a practical thing.

Let’s say we have two optical LED modules. Both declaring 160 degrees beam angle. From the same angle you would normally expect the same light distribution, right? However, this does not always happen. Look at the example.

The same angle, but the intensity of light is completely different. In the first case, optics smooth the intensity of the light (candela) at different degrees while the optics in second the case distribute the light very unevenly. Which one would you prefer to illuminate your sign?

So even if you hear the words “optics” and “wide beam angle”, always ask for the light distribution curve. Or in the best-case scenario, look to the real distancing in the application.