People behind value: Arnas
Wednesday September 22nd, 2021

A year and a half ago Arnas started to work at Baltled as a non-standard product engineer. While working in this position he started to notice that there are some issues in the project design and there was no assigned person who overlooked it. Thus, Arnas took the initiative to speak about these issues and made suggestions on how they could be resolved or improved. Of course, his previous 3,5 years of experience in lighting design/industry came in handy. The passion and professionalism Arnas showed were quickly noticed by the company and only in just 8 months, he was promoted to the Project Coordinator role.

Arnas did not stop there, he continuously demonstrated his competence and recently, in August, his responsibilities changed once again – in addition to the supervision of lighting projects, Arnas is now also responsible for the product development team of technical support.

Like in any other job Arnas's work does not always go by the plan and he has to face some problems along the way. During tough times, what motivates Arnas to keep going, is his inner drive to do his job well and not feel ashamed after. Arnas adds that he tries to resolve problems typically himself and only when an issue is more complex he discusses it with colleagues.

Arnas says that he enjoys working with a team and believes that communication is a key element when working in a team. Mutual trust and drive to achieve the same results are also very important in teamwork he adds.

In his free time, Arnas enjoys riding a bike and spending time with his friends. In fact, riding a bike is his biggest passion and typically he spends at least 10 hours a week training on it. Even though, Arnas started his professional road bike racing relatively not a long time ago he already has few medals and is not planning to stop any time soon.