People behind value: Mantas
Friday November 5th, 2021

Mantas started his career at Baltled in 2015 as a product development engineer. Now he is the head of development. Mantas highlights that he was never chancing after a higher position and the promotion just happened organically.

Mantas is very passionate about his job. It drives him forward knowing that the idea born in his head can be materialized and made into a real product. The ability to see that created product in front of him is what motivates him to keep going. Even though the majority of Mantas's responsibilities are interesting to him, he admits that there are always some parts of his job that he does not enjoy so much, however, it must be done anyways and it takes just a small portion of his daily work.

Mantas highlights that teamwork is extremely important when working in product development. He believes that to have a well-functioned team it is substantial for its members to have a good relationship, the ability to feel each other and be able to adapt to the same pace. Add to that, as a leader Mantas tries to acknowledge his teams’ good achievements. “It is always easier to see what team does wrong, but it is much more important to spot all the good things and praise for them too”, Mantas says. He thinks acknowledgment is a prime motivation for people to move forwards, feel successful and important for the company.

Of course, there are times when Mantas needs to face some issues at work. During these times he believes positivity is not the strongest tool to deal with it. He highlights that concentration, speed, and previous experience are key elements that help at problem-solving. Nevertheless, Mantas is not afraid to make mistakes along the way and face these issues as his motto is: “It is always better to do something and make a mistake, than not to do it and regret that for the rest of your life that you have not even tried”.

Mantas admits that currently, he does not have a lot of free time as he is trying to achieve some personal goals in his life. However, one of his forgotten hobbies is snorkeling – hunting fish with a speargun underwater. Mantas even went to a few competitions in Lithuania and Latvia and has even won some of them in the team classification. He is also very passionate about sport, typically he goes to the gym at least 3 times a week. Such activities help him to feel and be better and more energetic.

We wish Mantas the very best at fulfilling his personal and professional goals and we hope he will soon be able to enjoy snorkeling again winning even more medals!