Q1 in BaltLED - beneath the starry sky
Friday April  12th, 2019

A tradition to gather after every quarter to summarise it continues! For this quarter we decided to reach for the stars. Could not be a better place for it than planetarium? We had admired the starry sky, applauded the achievements and improvements and boosted our ambitions for the next quarter. Briefly about what kept us busy during Q1:

  • 3 new and 2 updated products.

  • The first signage exhibitions in France & Belgium.

  • Manufacture rearrangement & warehouse upgrade.

  • Establishment of new department of street lighting solutions.

  • 106 architectural lighting designs & 1431 signage project calculations.

What's ahead for Q2? More automation to processes, launching of new products, starting to implement industry 4.0 project and lots of other plans to reach for the stars.